How To Travel To Khasab

By Air

Tourists can arrive into Muscat, the capital of Oman, from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar or from any other country. Daily flights operated by Oman Air are available to Khasab Airport from Muscat.

By Road

Khasab is easily accessible by road from Dubai or Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates with 3 hours drive. Those who wish to travel by road from Musact reach Kasab via Ras Al Khaima.

By Sea

Tourists can access Port in Khasb exploring the sea route from Muscat’s Port Sultan Qaboos.                                         

Places to See in Khasab


Oman is mountainous in ceratin areas. Al Hajar is mountain range that extends from Musandam Peninsula from the north to the Ras Al Hadd in Al Sharqiya South Governorate. Variety of fauna and floara can be seen in these ranges. Shams summit that rises at an altitude of 3009 m is the highest peak in Al Hajar Mountains.

City Tour

Tour of the city of Khasab is a charming experience. You can get the feel of old and new souk. Visit to Fort of Khasab, traditional boats and the houses will be a different experience. There are many exhibits that reflect culture and heritage of the region. A thrilling visit to the village to see the life and prehistoric rock carvings in the tawi village will make your trip completely fulfilled.


Wadis (valleys) are natural attractions, where pople have been living for thousands of years. The beautiful Wadi ArRawdha located in Khasab is such a valley that speaks of a very civilized past. The visitors can witness the ruins and fossils of the past here. The place is abundant with wild herbs and flowers.


There are many tourist-friendly sandy beaches to hang out in Musandam.

Things to do in Musandam

Dhow Cruises & Overnight Stay

A cruise on traditional luxury dhow or an overnight stay on it with every imaginable amenity will be sure an exciting experience to explore. The cruise into the deep lagoons, islands and coastal villages will offer the guests a thilling feeling.

Game Fishing

Game fishing is an inspiring activity for those who like to spend time differently. Omani waters rich with various marine species can offer a encouraging experience to the engaging anglers.

Overnight Camping

Overnight camping is possible in white sandy beaches, on mountains or on traditional Omani dhows. The night can be spent with all sorts of entertainment including music, dance and barbecue dinner.

Adventure Trips

If you are looking for adventure, an enormous range of activities are in wait for you. Gear up for the best of experience with Khasab Sands Tours.

  • a. 4WD Tours

    A drive to the mountains by four-wheel is very thrilling. The vast stretches of sandy desert offers the ultimate feel of adventure. Ride on quad bikes also will provide you ultimate fun.

  • b. Water Sports

    All along the coast travellers have immense opportunities to snorkel, scuba dive and kayak in sparkling waters. Oman is one of the top ten dive spots in the world. Scuba diving and snorkelling is a a continual activity in in Oman as the water temperatures are conducive in nature.

  • c. Scuba Diving

    This is another scope for people who seek adventure. Oman’s coastline of over 1600 km presents you the diving thrills in several spots. Guests can get diving equipment for enjoying the diving.

  • d. Sailing & Boating

    This is another way of indulging in adventure. Gather immense pleasure boarding on sporty yatch or a lovely catamaran. Cruise through the azure waters in a traditional Dhow is a delightful experience.

  • e. Mountain Safari & trekking

    There is immense opportunity to go trekking and do a mountain safari in an around Musandam. Jebel Harim, the highest mountain in Musandam region is an ideal place for trekking tours and safari on 4 Wheelers.

Exceptional Elements

Quality Service

Khasab sands Tours make sure that every programme delivered by is amazingly enjoyable and punctual. It believes in serving the guests with a smile and makes the trip outstandingly memorable. Every activity at the Tours is planned, executed and completed with care and attention to the minutest details. All the Staff at Khasab Tours is professionally trained they will treat the guests to make sure that they are enjoying the best.


Khasab Sands’ offer of service is real value for money, for, its packages are carefully designed to include every possible comfort within affordable range. While doing so, it assures you the best of experience at every spot and events.

Experienced Team

Khasab Sands Tours is very fortunate to have a team of highly experienced professional consisting of tour coordinators, managers, tour designers, hospitality staff and guides. Every employee is given training on different customs and languages to handle guests from various regions. All of Khasab Sands’ employees are reachable on 24 basis to make sure an uninterrupted service delivery.


Khasab Sands gives utmost care to operate every trip in the safest manner. Guests may engage in a variety of activities while on tour. Cruises and other adventurous events are conducted with the help of highly experienced tour professionals. Every cruise will have safety equipment to ensure safety of passengers.

Useful Information

Weather Conditions

Oman is located in the northern hemisphere and it has the similar seasons as of the gulf region. From June to August it is the summer season. Spetember onwards autumn starts and it ends by November. During the months of December-February the region experiences the winter season. Three months starting from March till may end it is the spring season. Oman experiences a brief period of heavy rain due to monsoon during July - september months.


Across Oman there are plenty of hotels and restaurants which serve Asian and international cuisine. Many restaurants specialize in authentic Omani recipies. Kids have many options to feast on the Oman delicacies. Though the Omani food is Arabian in nature, it has harmoniously imbibed the Indian, African and European taste variations here and there.

Travel Safety

Oman is one of the safest places to travel in for individuals and families. People from any country can freely and peacefully travel across the country without worrying about the safety.


There are many foreign exchanges operating in Oman. Travelers can exchange their currencies from authorized exchange centers.

Driving In Oman

Driving is on the right-hand side of the road. Main roads and freeways are maintained in good condition and are well-installed direction boards. Some of the pocket roads are only accessible by four-wheel drive.

Bus Service

The major towns and cities of Oman is well connected by bus services operated by National Transport Company.

Taxi Service

Taxis are good option to travel across the country. Taxis driven by Omani nationals are available at airports, on city streets or at the taxi stations. Many hotels have fixed taxi tariffs to regular locations and taxis which are hired to other locations will have to be negotiated before boarding.