How safe is it to travel in Oman?

Oman is one of the safest travel destinations in the world. People of Oman are very hospitable and it has a very tolerant culture. It ranks 9 in Global Peace Index.

How do I get to Oman?

Muscat International Airport, located in Muscat, is served by many international airlines such as British Airways, KLM, Kuwait Airways, Swiss Air and Emirates. The national carrier is Oman Air which flies to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), India, Pakistan, Qatar, Egypt, and Sri Lanka as well as performing domestic flights to Salalah, Masirah Island and Khasab Musandam . Residents in the UAE are able to drive to Oman by road.

What is the main Language used?

Arabic is the official language of Oman, and English is widely spoken in many areas. Should you wish to learn some Arabic there are number of good phrase books available in bookshops in the Sultanate of Oman.

What is the recommended clothing pattern?

Dresses that cover shoulder and knees are the usual pattern of dress when we appear in public. Travelers are advised to wear casual and weightless clothing as the climate round the year is hot in nature. During November -March season it may get colder so that it is advisable to wear warm clothing. At night if you prefer to stay in the desert or on mountain tops warm clothing is a must. Oman is an Islamic country and Omanis have much respect for their local custom and choose to wear long and modest clothing. While entering mosque men are advised to cover their hair and for women using light pashima or scarf to cover hair and shoulders will be apt while visiting local villages.

How does Oman treat Non-Muslims ?

Though Oman is an Islamic country practicing Ibadism, a form of Islam rooted in pacifism and tolerance, officially, it treats people of every other religion equally. Non-Muslims can visit Oman freely and they can practice their own religion openly.

What are the roads like in Oman?

Omanís roads are generally very good. There are still some places that are only accessible by 4x4 but most of the major cities are connected by tarred roads.

When is the best time to visit Oman?

The most frequented time is from around October through to April . On the south coast, Salalah has a very different climate in that it has a monsoon season, called the khareef.

Can a woman visit Oman alone?

It is very much possible for women to travel across Oman all alone. Omanis are very hospitable and polite and they will be very happy to welcome such travellers home.

What about food in Oman?

People of Oman have their own style in food with a mix of ethnic and tribal tastes. Over the years, the typical Omani Arabic cuisine has been influenced by the Indian, African and European tastes. Hotels and restaurants serve international cuisine. There are many special restaurants where the authentic Omani dishes are served.

Is alcohol allowed in Oman?

Many independent and licensed hotels, resorts and restaurants have permission to serve alcohol. Drinking in public is an offence. Serving of alcohol is restricted on religious occasions.

Can I use my GSM IN Oman?

Yes , Oman Support GSM Communications.